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Our Mission & Vision

Our vision…

is to connect people to faith and each other.

Our mission…

is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

For Our Visitors

Frequently Asked Questions

What do United Methodists believe?

As a part of the worldwide United Methodist Church family, we follow a set of Bible-based, God inspired beliefs set forth by our denomination. To learn more about our beliefs, CLICK HERE.

Where should I park? Is there handicapped parking available?

Parking is available on all four sides of the Church.  Handicapped parking is available on the West side of the Church.  From this entry we have elevator access to the Sanctuary and to the Basement.

What should I expect?

Worship begins at 10:45 am each Sunday morning and typically lasts about 60 minutes.  We also have a live online congregation called Church@Home, which can be found on our Facebook page (Wellsville United Methodist Church).   Sunday morning worship leans toward a more traditional style but in a relaxed atmosphere.

Do you serve Communion?

Yes, the first Sunday of each month, every Sunday in the Advent and Easter seasons, as well as on certain special Sundays such as Trinity, Transfiguration and Christ the King Sundays.  We practice Open Communion, which simply means that all who are in love and fellowship with their neighbor and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are welcome at our table.

What should I wear?

Casual dress is considered appropriate.

Is there Sunday School?

There is no children’s Sunday School at this time.  We have an adult bible study class at 9:30 am every Sunday.

Is there Children's Church or a Nursery?

We have a Nursery, but it is not in use at this time.

Is the church available for events (i.e., weddings, funerals, etc.)?


  1. Usage for weddings is subject to the policies of the Church.  A copy of these policies and charges may be obtained at the Church office.
  1.   There is no cost for funeral usage.
How do I join the church?

Baptism marks the beginning of our lifelong journey as disciples of Jesus Christ. In baptism, we are initiated into the Christian church and incorporated into the community of God’s people, the body of Christ.

Those who have never been baptized will receive the sacrament of baptism before becoming members.  Those previously baptized will reaffirm the Baptismal Covenant as part of their membership vows.  United Methodist’s practice 3 methods of baptism; sprinkling, pouring and immersion.  We baptize infants, children, youth and adults. 

We believe that God is the primary actor both in baptism and communion and that God bestows real grace upon the individual receiving the sacraments.  For this reason, we do not withhold either sacrament from children; nor do we re-baptize individuals, as God’s grace cannot be revoked.  We thus accept any Christian baptism as valid.

We do provide opportunities for people to renew their baptismal vows.  Individuals baptized in infancy or early childhood must make a public profession of faith as youth or adults before they can enter into full membership in the congregation.

Who We Are

Meet Our Staff/Pastor

Rev. Dr. Stephen Sim

Pastor Stephen Sim is originally from Seoul, South Korea. He was a podiatric surgeon when his family lived in Los Angeles. His family moved to Kansas four years ago. He has been married to his wife, Joung Hee Sim, since 1995. Together they have two beautiful daughters, Kristina Sim and Krystal Sim.

Ken Larsen

Ken Larsen

Administrative Assistant


Office Hours:
Tuesday – Thursday, 9:00am – 12:30pm